Thinking about becoming a Heritage Malta Patron?

As guardians of over 8,000 years of history, Heritage Malta is the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage. From archaeological sites to baroque auberges and palaces to UNESCO-listed Megalithic complexes, the Maltese islands have an impressive portfolio that’s waiting to be discovered. 

Wanting to belong and feel part of something can be traced right back to our survival instincts. Only through cooperating with other people and forming communities were we able to gain access to food, shelter and protection.

Today our reliance on groups and membership is more about feeling part of something, aligning interests and adding value to our lives. But when you become a Heritage Malta Patron, heritage becomes part of your legacy, and in doing so, you help protect history today and for years to come.

What is Patronage?

Picture a world without heritage. Where the stories of past generations were lost to make way for the here and now, and our traditions and beliefs died with our ancestors. Our shared sense of pride and identity would diminish, and yesterday’s stories of heroes and traditions would no longer capture our children’s imagination.

A Heritage Malta Patronage isn’t just about access to sites or even creating that deep-rooted sense of belonging; it’s first and foremost about illuminating our rich cultural identity and investing in the restoration and protection of Malta’s heritage for future generations to enjoy. 

Heritage Malta Patrons are a cohort of like-minded supporters who champion the work of Heritage Malta and benefit from exclusive experiences and bespoke events that take them to the heart of Malta’s heritage.

‘Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.’  UNESCO

Types of Patronage

Patronage is intended for everyone, everywhere. We want to encourage all to celebrate and identify with Malta’s rich cultural and natural heritage. That’s why we’ve got flexible patronage options:

  1. Private Membership – For individuals and couples who want to delve deeper into our history: our experts will invite you behind the scenes and let you view original artefacts before anyone else. In addition, you get free admission to 24 museums and sites and access to closed sites during special events. Find out more HERE
  2. Corporate – For businesses and corporate companies who want to sponsor Heritage Malta and can benefit from unique and intimate events and acknowledgement of philanthropic donations. Find out more HERE
  3. Legacy Patronage – For individuals who want to offer their support without having to sign up to anything and for those who want to leave something valuable in their will to ensure Malta’s heritage is protected for future generations. Find out more HERE
  4. Volunteering – For those who want to gift their precious time in assisting Heritage Malta to undertake its mission whilst learning more about our operations and collections.  Find out more HERE
  5. Collaborations – Win-win opportunities for banks, private companies, hotels, restaurants, language schools, education institutes, tour operators, re-enactment groups, government departments, local councils, and others to exchange resources and services whilst promoting the best in each other.  Find out more HERE

How patronage supports our work

Our historic sites require funding and support to maintain and continue to offer educational experiences. By becoming a patron, you are helping to ensure that our historical sites and cultural and natural landmarks remain open to the public, conserved and protected

The support of patrons also means that it’s possible for us to make ground-breaking discoveries about our history, funding our work with restoration experts and historians, as well as local communities and volunteers. 

Patrons have helped other people get up close to our heritage – encouraging new generations to explore and care for the past – just by being part of the scheme as the patron contributions are invested back into our sites. Through your support and advocacy, you can play a part in achieving our ambition to protect the extraordinary portfolio in our care.