NGOs and Associations

The range of cultural and natural heritage entrusted to Heritage Malta is so vast and varied that collaboration is essential for HM to live up to its mission of giving a future to Malta’s past. Heritage Malta, therefore, offers various win-win opportunities for all those private companies and public institutions, local and foreign, interested in collaborating with the national agency and thus directly assisting in the sustainable management of the cultural and natural heritage in the agency’s care. We collaborate with banks, private companies, hotels, restaurants, language schools, education institutes, tour operators, re-enactment groups, government departments, local councils, and much more.

There is no limit to the possible collaborations. These can vary from direct CSR opportunities such as sponsorship of the restoration or purchase of a work of art, or towards a particular project, in return for publicity and other benefits for the management and staff of the sponsoring company. Sponsorship can also be in kind through the provision of a service. Other opportunities include specific agreements for the management of particular sites, staff development, exchange of students, staff expertise and resources. Please feel free to contact us to investigate how your entity can benefit while giving a helping hand towards the management of Malta’s heritage.

Companies/Entities/Institutes with whom Heritage Malta has an MOU/Collaborative Agreement:

Ambjent Malta

Bank of Valletta P.L.C

Central Bank of Malta

Citadel Management Committee

Civil Protection Department

Cousteau Foundation

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

Friends of Villa Frere

Institute for Digital Exploration of the University of South Florida (IDEx)

Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS)

Intercontinental Archaeology

Local Councils Association

Malta Aquarium

Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST)

Malta Football Association (MFA)

Mikiel Anton Vassalli College – Malta School of Art in Valletta

Ministry for Education and Employment

Ministry for Gozo (MGOZ)

Office of the President

Palace Museum – China (CCC)

Parks Malta

Planning Authority Malta

Restoration Directorate

St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

The Melita Foundation

University College London

University of Malta

Valletta Cultural Agency

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